Who can be tooned?
Any person that appears on TV, radio, writes books or blogs, has a youtube channel, internet radio show, makes public appearances for money...basically anyone who is in the public's eye is fair game.
One person told me that I could no longer do their caricature unless I checked with their 'people'. WRONG! That person is in the public's eye therefore fair game to be caricatured! Good luck and we'll see some of you in the funny pages.

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A caricaturist's tribute to those who dare venture into the shadows
So what's on tap for Ufologistoons.com 2016?
2016 it will focus on the politics in the field of ufology with editorial cartoons.
Ufology has many people injecting their political agenda from the right and the left, into the field, especially within the MUFON organization. Ufology also has many hoaxers and scammers giving it a black eye!

"Dennis Rano is one of those rare persons able to bestow upon you that tiny little bit of immortality you'd thought you'd never have." Alfred Lehmberg
A caricaturist tribute to those seek the truth of the UFO phenomenon
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